Supplier sourcing / visit

Looking for the right supplier, a special product or a special process ? Our purchase team can help you, we select suppliers and we go visit them. Also better with direct contact, photos and videos on site...

Supplier Audit

Perform an audit requires skills, and experience, send us your check-list or use our standard, from process, social, environment...

production/tool QC

Send a reliable quality controller to confirm your production, or to check a tool/mold

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Injection mold trial

Our experts have trialed more than a thousand molds in China, with all kind of technologies (bi-injection, over-molding, IML...), Send someone to give you the right expertise is often the right choice, because sending an unfinalized tool to Europe/US makes things very complicated.

LEAN optimisation

If you struggle on quality or production rate, send an expert to optimize your assembly/production line. Get more efficiency, better flow, better quality control, ensure each step from the raw material to the final packing