01 Mar

With BSense you can rest assured that your product will be first class.

The packaging standers must be adequate with the premium quality of your goods. Quality and compliance standers, and rigorous lab tests to ensure safety … If your packaging fails you, then all your earlier hard work and attention to details will be in vain. That is why quality control test for packaging material is essential, here are some key points that will help you: 

Shipping marks: They should be very specific for a better quality control that covers all handling marks, consignee marks, size, and weight markings, carton number …

Package material: All should be double-checked, packaging carefully measured, and all color should match the Pantone required.

Very secured packaging: You need to check the robustness of the cartons. Use common sealing methods like tape, glue, strapping…

Withstanding damage:  Drop cartons from an elevated height depending on its weight, and make sure the content isn’t damage.

Clear labeling:  It should correspond with the details of the content and can be scanned easily using bare codes mentioned in the purchase order.

Pallet specifications:  When working with pallet specifications, the pallet should match your spec, Clear and detailed spec are very important. Include these in an addendum to your purchase order, so that suppliers cannot fail to identify the specs when needed.

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