01 Feb

China has become the center of the global supply chain network over the past decade. It is the only country recognized by the United Nations (UN) as having a complete industrial system. UN standards stipulate that industries fall into 39 categories, 191 divisions and 525 sections, and China covers all of them.

The country has a powerful interorganizational networks that provide opportunities for companies to access external technologies, knowledge, materials, tools and product components. The key factor is collaboration between industries as a means to gain complementary resources from partners in the network.

With the increase of product complexity, it is difficult for companies to maintain new product development activities by relying on their own production methods. They need partners to expand their knowledge base, process, tools, materials and all necessary resources to optimize product development and have the potential to enjoy the economies of scale.

At BSense, we value the importance of the industrial network in China. Within a radius of 30km, we are surrounded by all sorts of industries  that enables us to respond to our customers needs and expectations. BSense is located in an industrial zone where we have all the necessary processes to develop a complex product. Our company has 37 different manufacturing processes including  plastic, metal, wood, electronic and textile processing and about 105 industry partners. 

At BSense’s factory, we take care of process integration in an assembly covering: storage, packaging, development, manufacturing and logistics. 

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