01 Oct

Many industries such as Bsense are facing logistic challenges around the world.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the global economy is poised to stage its most robust post-recession. The United States, European Union and China remain the largest economies. By the end of 2021, GDP in the US is expected to reach 215 Billion USD, in EU is expected to reach 138 Billion USD, and in China is expected to reach 156 Billion USD.
However, the pandemic and trade pressures disrupted international supply channels leading to higher costs and delays around the world. Containers freight rates saw new extremes that grew over 500% for Asia to US, while Asia to EU didn't see nearly as drastic of a change.The cost China - U.S. West Coast is around $20,000, while China - Europe cost is nearly $14,000. The imbalance between China’s import and export capabilities, plus the consistent shipment delays had the effect of skyrocketing shipping costs from China to all international destinations.

Nevertheless, the demand has remained strong. EU exports recorded $214 Billion in June 2021. The US exports recorded $213.7 Billion in August. While China of course saw greater numbers at just under $300 Billion in August.Companies are looking for other ways to establish their presence in overseas markets by working on their global expansions strategies such as building warehouses overseas ...


With the foundation of BSENSE SARL in France in 2016, the existing office in the United States and our multiple partnerships with suppliers, we have been able to keep up with the expectations of all our customers by offering them production in Europe and the United States.

We guarantee that the logistic issues won’t stop us from delivering you the best quality for all things manufacturing. BSense analyse demands to inform manufacturers about the optimal means of production and make their own service highly customer-oriented. We also offer innovative solutions and a higher transparency when it comes to tracking your orders.

If you need Prototyping, Tooling, or Production done, we are here for you. Our team is available worldwide 24/7 to help you for technical questions, sales related questions in any language, design reviews, the manufacturing process and deciding which material to use. We also provide our customers with a clear instant situation report using chats, pictures and videos. We keep you updated on the status of your project regularly, or when you request it.

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