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BSense are here to ensure success. We produce and deliver Industrial projects from prototype to mass production.
A globally selected team with 10 years of experience in China.



Full set of plastic / Metal / PCB, we design an industrialisable product, ready for production. Prototypes are provided, from mechanical test to marketing presentation

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CNC - 3D printing SLA/SLS - Vacuum casting Silicon tools - Painting and printing, from 1 to 50 parts.

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Injection molds, serial or proto, Checking fixture, assembly Jig

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Injection, welding, assembly, packaging, delivery

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Prototype tools

Prototype tools

If you need the right material, or have a real rendering after a serial process, we make prototype tools, for injection, vacuum forming, compression tool... In steel or Aluminium, you can try different material, different colors, for an affordable price, before launching your serial tool

Vacuum Casting - Silicon tools

Vacuum Casting - Silicon tools

For more than 1 part, up to 20 parts, the silicon tool is the solution to offer small volume production. Use the right color, and the right texture. A lot of new raw material are being developed these years to ensure your specifications

CNC Machining

CNC Machining

For 1 or 2 parts, using the right material instead of a simulant, also good for high precision dimensional requirement, with a fast processing

3D printing

3D printing

For a fast and affordable prototyping, the 3D printing technology has evolved very fast these last years. At BSense we propose you one of the latest technology, in SLA, or SLS, and soon color printing...


14 years of designing, manufacturing, adjusting machine parameters, this is what it took to offer the best service of tool manufacturing. From simple to complex part, prototype or high volume, our experts are here to offer you the best tool at the right price.

Processes parts

Stainless steel, Aluminum, CNC process or lost wax process, we manufacture your part design. Our industries are Aerospace, Naval, Automotive... High precision product with the best equipment.

Checking fixture

For high precision control, on 3D CMM, or a quick dimensional check, we design and build fixture for your plastic parts

Assembly jig

In order to assemble your product, to check clips assembly, or a simple Go-NoGo Jig, explain us your needs


Low volume or mass production, we produce on demand


high speed assembly, manual or on special machine, we ensure the QC and all control of your products


We design, sample and produce your packaging. From simple industrial to market beautiful packaging, carton, PET or more complex injected packaging...


By Express, by Air cargo, by Sea, we find the right shipment for your product, according its volume, weight, and all customs clearance...

Quality tool design

The tool design defines 50% of the tool quality. Only experienced designers and engineers can ensure a suitable design of tool for your part. At BSense, our designers and engineers have designed thousands of successful tools.

Quality machines

Mandatory to manufacture a good tool, but a lot of toolmakers have brand new machine, even thought it doesn’t create a quality manufacturing…

Usage of the machines/tools CNC/EDM/Grinding …

Most of the toolmakers do not use their machine correctly, for the parameters setting, and the CAM. Having a beautiful machine attract customers, but it doesn’t help to keep them…

Manual Know-How : Fitting, polishing …

Have you ever see a manual grinder at a toolmaker, then leave… Fitting takes time, and you must do it nicely in order to not have to make it twice or more… if you still have burs at T2, there is a problem…

Use of good machine

A lot of machines didn’t have the right maintenance, learn quickly with BSense how to recognize a good machine (even if it is old and rusted, appearance doesn't count)

Parameter a machine

Inject with pressure, not with speed ? Remove burrs by cheating on the commutation ? It is often easy to hide a problem by using parameters that cannot be used in production (making the dimension/quality very unstable), we ensure your mould ready for production

Solve quality defect and production issue

A welding line to remove, an ejection too rough… Only experience can help you to solve these problems, this is what defines BSense

Supplier sourcing / visit

Looking for the right supplier, a special product or a special process ? Our purchase team can help you, we select suppliers and we go visit them. Also better with direct contact, photos and videos on site...

Supplier Audit

Perform an audit requires skills, and experience, send us your check-list or use our standard, from process, social, environment...

production/tool QC

Send a reliable quality controller to confirm your production, or to check a tool/mold

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Injection mold trial

Our experts have trialed more than a thousand molds in China, with all kind of technologies (bi-injection, over-molding, IML...), Send someone to give you the right expertise is often the right choice, because sending an unfinalized tool to Europe/US makes things very complicated.

LEAN optimisation

If you struggle on quality or production rate, send an expert to optimize your assembly/production line. Get more efficiency, better flow, better quality control, ensure each step from the raw material to the final packing

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  • Dongguan, Guangdong, China
Packaging Quality Control

With BSense you can rest assured that your product will be first class.

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How the industrial network is working in China and used by BSense - Copy

BSense is located in an industrial zone where we have all the necessary processes to develop a complex product

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Prototyping:  How to validate your mass production abilities. - Copy

Several solutions to make your prototypes and to validate your design / Material ...

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BSense uses Clickup, an online project management software.

All of the work in one place: Tasks, Docs, Chat, Goals, & more.

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New Service in BSense : ELECTRONIC DESIGN

BSense has set his electronic design team and can offer full package of Electronic device internally.

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How BSense is managing the disturbances in the logistics system

Many industries such as Bsense are facing logistic challenges around the world.

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